Food, at its most basic level, provides key nutrients necessary for survival. The act of eating evokes all of the senses, and is intended to be a pleasurable experience. Hunger signals when it is time to eat, appetite drives the search for missing nutrients, and a satisfied belly says "enough."

In everyday living, so many things can throw off the balance between fueling up and expending energy. The relationship with food is complex, beginning in infancy and affecting choices and eating habits throughout adulthood. Food may become an automatic response to certain emotions, whether in the form of indulging or restricting. Chronic dieting and weight cycling may lead to disordered eating patterns. Innate cues of hunger and satiety can be ignored, sometimes because we are simply too busy to stop and pay attention.

At Well Being, a non-diet approach is used when working with people who are struggling with eating, feeding, or movement. We meet you where you are, and a plan is tailored together. You set the pace and commit to achieving goals that are meaningful to you. We believe that everyone is able to achieve a balanced relationship with food and movement.


  • Compassionate services tailored to you
  • Experienced Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and Intrinsic Coach®
  • Flexible meeting locations and times
  • Telephone and email sessions are available

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